i33 Launches AdMaximize Banner Optimization Service

i33 communications in New York City launched
AdMaximize, an Internet-based service that instantly tracks banner ad
performance, providing customized reports on click-throughs, lead generation customer acquisition and sales.

AdMaximize–short for “advertising maximization”–reports the number of people who interact or “click” on a banner ad and can track online purchases, allowing advertisers to make adjustments to particular creative or ad placements to improve performance, the company said.

If a banner ad is not meeting an advertiser’s objectives–click-through rates are low or cost-per-action rates are high–it can be moved to a new location or replaced immediately to optimize the campaign.

“Accountability is the unique advantage of online advertising, but not all interactive advertising is accounted for effectively–if at all,” said Drew Rayman, president of i33 communications. “So when we saw that an effective, customizable online banner ad measuring tool didn’t exist, we created one.”

Prior to launching AdMaximize, i33 communications said it beta-tested the service with major clients such as CompuServe and Biztravel.com. CompuServe used AdMaximize during its “C from CompuServe” campaign, a five-week program that served more than 12.5 million banner impressions across more than 15 Web sites. Using AdMaximize, CompuServe’s banner ad click-through rates increased 25%, i33 said.

“With AdMaximize, online advertising is no longer a guessing game,” said Bonnie Schwartz, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Biztravel.com. “The technology allows us to measure the return on our investment and optimize the placement of our ads so that we can maximize our objectives.”

Accessed via an ID and password on the Internet, AdMaximize can accommodate all Web sites, including those using enhanced media, such as Java and Shockwave banners and interstitials.

i33 communications said it offers AdMaximize at a discounted rate to its clients and through private-labeling agreements to major advertising agencies, several of which are currently evaluating the service. The pricing model is based on guaranteed delivered impressions, meaning clients are charged only for those impressions that are actually delivered.

i33 provides Web site design; marketing, media buying and planning; an
advertising management solution offering ROI accountability through
customization and real-time ad serving and tracking; proprietary content publishing and project management tools; and hosting services.

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