Ibelieve.com Starts Nationwide $10 Million Advertising Push

Christian portal iBelieve.com on
Monday launched a $10 million nationwide advertising campaign, with buys on
both Christian-oriented and mass media.

With the tagline “Insert God Here”, the print, television, radio, and
online ads are aimed at driving traffic to the Christian Web site, which
features content, community, and shopping.

“We used ‘Insert God Here’ as a way to illustrate that God should be a part
of all aspects of our life, from times of joy to times of trouble,” says
John Nardini, chief customer officer at iBelieve.com.

“We have taken vignettes from life’s good moments and its trying times to
illustrate how God fits into our everyday lives — and how iBelieve.com is a
wonderful resource to facilitate that process.”

The print ads, created by Hanon-McKendry, features scenes
from everyday life where Christians believe God should play a role.

One ad
shows a teen-age boy and girl sitting together on a couch; a box between
the couple reads, “Insert God Here.” That same tag line is used in the
second ad, which features a television with a box cut out of its screen and
the mandate, “Insert God Here.”

Both of the four-color, full-page print ads will appear over the next 12
months in a wide range of publications, including Christianity Today
and New Man Magazine.

The television spots, which will air on Odyssey, PaxTV, WGN, Fox Family
cable network, and other cable channels, will show scenarios that send the
message that God should be part of everything Christians do.

“These vignettes run from the tragic to the sublime — from the aftermath of
a house fire to a couple moving into a new apartment — to make the point
that God should be inserted in everything that happens in a Christian’s
life,” says Bill Danhof, director of client services and a partner at

The campaign will also feature 60-second radio spots, to air on the USA and
Salem radio networks.

Internet ads will start running January 28, on seven Christian-oriented Web
sites as well on Yahoo! and About.com. Online viewers will see a mix of
banner ads, sponsored newsletters and iBelieve.com content windows on these
sites. Keyword buys on Yahoo! will also be included in the online mix, with
the purchase of “Christianity” and “Christian books.”

The heaviest round of ad buys will come around iBelieve.com’s official
launch on Wednesday, January 26, and the ads will continue throughout the
first half of the year.

The company plans several “strong hits” during key
parts of the year, such as Easter and Christmas. Affiliated Media Group is doing
the traditional media buying, with online buys managed by Beyond Interactive.

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