Intel to Launch Pentium 4 Ads, New Tagline

Chip manufacturer Intel will launch a $300 million ad campaign later this month, in support of its new Pentium 4 processor.

The campaign’s three, 30-second TV spots will launch Feb. 19, and serve less to showcase the new chip’s capabilities than to build excitement around the new Pentium 4 chip.

As with Intel’s last campaign for its Pentium III chip, the new spots — “Tubes,” “Light Bulbs” and “Raising Four” — will feature the comedic/performance art troupe Blue Man Group. And similarly to that earlier campaign, the new spots will involve the group constructing a “4” in a variety of ways. (The previous campaign showed the troupe painting a Roman numeral “III” or playing Intel’s signature chime.)

The spots, which were designed by New York’s Messner Vetere Berger McNamme Schmetterer/EURO RSCG, a Havas Advertising company, also will introduce a new tagline, “The Pentium 4 processor: the center of your digital world.”

Intel spokespeople said the concept of the tagline is that computers (including those based on the Pentium 4) are increasingly being connected to the Internet and combined with digital entertainment and information devices, making them the centerpieces for people’s music, imaging and video experiences.

“The Pentium 4 processor is ushering in the ‘Extended PC’ era, where powerful PCs are at the center of your digital world,” said Pam Pollace, vice president and director of worldwide marketing operations at Intel. “This new campaign, featuring Blue Man Group’s innovative and creative style, is very synergistic with the Intel brand and enables us to introduce the Pentium 4 processor in a fun, fresh new light.”

The advertising, which also includes online ads and retail demos, will run through May. The online work was designed by Modem Media’s San Francisco office.

Pollace said the firm continues to work with the Blue Man Group — who do not speak in the TV ads — because of their applicability to non-English markets.

“Blue Man Group’s emphasis on visual communication provides global appeal for the new Pentium 4 processor advertising,” Pollace said.

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