InterAdNet, Global Recruiting Solutions Team Up

North Carolina-based InterAdNet established a partnership
with Global Recruiting Solutions (GRS) that
will tie InterAdNet’s Internet tracking software, InstantAdNet, with GRS’
online recruitment software, IRIS.

The combination of the two apps gives companies a seamless, integrated solution to track potential recruits from the time they click on a banner ad to when they are hired, the companies said. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

“Companies spent over $12 billion on recruitment advertising last year with
basically no mechanism to evaluate its effectiveness,” said Erik J. Morse, chief operating officer at GRS. “This alliance with InterAdNet completes a critical component in our customers’ online recruitment

“By enabling our two solutions to integrate, our customers get a simple, powerful tool that
manages the data related to their hiring efforts and provides the actual
return-on-investment for their Internet recruiting campaigns,” he said.

GRS customers conducting online recruiting programs will be able to see which
of their ads are drawing qualified candidates, and which ones don’t perform as
well. This makes fine-tuning the recruitment effort faster and easier, and can
help reduce the costs, GRS said.

Representing companies such as Glaxo-Wellcome, Bali, and Overton’s, InterAdNet
provides third-party ad serving, market research and detailed ad tracking that
gives specific return-on-investment information, tying Internet advertising to

“We are very pleased to be working with GRS,” said Steve Peterson, president
of InterAdNet. “There are a lot of similarities in how we each use the
immediacy and point-to-point marketing of the Internet that makes this
partnership an obvious win-win for our customers.”

Global Recruiting Solutions, located in North Carolina’s Research Triangle,
provides scalable, hiring process management systems for human resource
organizations such as Siemens PTD, ADC Telecom, Lockheed Martin and Glaxo

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