Internet Wire Adds New Distribution Channels

Internet-based news distribution service Internet Wire launched eight new
Internet newswires including food, health, medical, education, government,
legal, sports and non-profit organizations.

The company said the new targeted wires are designed to extend a company’s
reach to media, analysts and consumers, enabling client firms to disseminate
their news to a larger

“We are branching out into un-served and under-served sectors, and setting a
precedence for the way business communications and public relations are
distributed,” said co-founder and COO Michael Shuler of Internet Wire.

have had tremendous feedback from potential clients in vertical sectors
looking for a cost-effective way to distribute news to consumers and the

Internet Wire’s services also are now included in the Network Solutions’ “dot
com toolkit, ” increasing visibility opportunities for new Network Solutions’
registrants. The dot com toolkit is a small business resource center.

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