Intraware Launches Quiz Show Marketing Concept

Intraware Inc., a provider of
Internet-based services for IT professionals, in conjunction with online
marketing company Gamelet, launched a promotional
entertainment and technology quiz site aimed at IT professionals.

Jane’s IT-Quiz features an interactive,
multi-player game that tests IT knowledge
while providing participating vendors with a traffic-generating alternative
to traditional online banner ads.

Quiz players answer multiple-choice questions that test IT knowledge in order
to move their way up the java-based game board. If a question stumps a
player, he or she can click on a “Hint” button that takes them to a software
vendor site, where they can find the answer.

“Jane’s IT-Quiz represents a breakthrough from a marketing perspective,” said
Terry Healey, vice president of marketing at Intraware. “It’s a highly
focused alternative to expensive banner ads because it provides a more
economical and effective concept of
co-operative traffic sharing, enabling Intraware and its partners to reach a
very select, highly qualified audience.”

There is a weekly drawing for a Palm V Connected Organizer, and a grand prize
of a $10,000 “Design-Your-Own-Vacation” certificate. The quiz is free to
players, and to vendors in exchange for links.

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