Jotter Users Can Choose Their Ads From the Flycast Network

Jotter Technologies, a provider of user
agent technology, signed a deal with ad network Flycast so that users of the free Jotter
service can specify the ads that are important to them.

Through the Flycast Network, users can select areas of interest from two
dozen categories so the ads they receive will be relevant to their lives.
Jotter will then rotate the ads specifically for each user’s preference.
Financial arrangements between the companies were not disclosed.

“The ads users view through the Jotter service keep Jotter free. Why not make
those ads as relevant to the user as possible?” said Charles Fearer, CEO of
Jotter Technologies. “With Flycast, we have partnered with one of the best
online advertising networks to provide the added value of choice over

Jotter offers a desktop toolbar with features such as automatic form
completion on the Internet, interactive alerts to remind users about dates
and events, personalized news updates, stock quotes and search capabilities.

“The Jotter service is all about automation and integration coupled with
information management, putting users more in control of their Internet
experience. You get all this for a small amount of screen real estate, and a
very quick download at,” said Fearer.

“Flycast increases the ROI of online marketing campaigns by helping
advertisers maximize their reach, response and results,” said Larry Braitman,
vice president of corporate development and new ventures at Flycast. “By
working with Jotter, we provide advertisers and consumers the ability to
select and deliver targeted advertising, improving the match between
advertisers and consumers, increasing a campaign’s performance.”

Based in San Francisco, Flycast is a provider of Web-based ROI-focused,
direct response advertising solutions. The company’s flagship offering, the
Flycast Network, reaches over 22 million people a month.

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