Juno and AT&T Wireless Form Marketing Alliance

New York City-based Juno Online Services and AT&T Wireless
Services signed an alliance to market AT&T Digital PCS services to Juno’s
members through a series of interactive advertising campaigns.

Under the terms of the marketing pact, Juno’s subscribers will be able to sign
up for AT&T wireless rate plans, including AT&T Digital One Rate, which
charges a flat rate for incoming or outgoing wireless calls throughout the
United States. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

Juno and AT&T Wireless Services are planning a coordinated campaign of banner,
interstitial, and pop-up advertisements that will inform Juno users about the
offerings available through AT&T Wireless Services. The first phase of the
campaign is scheduled to begin in mid-February.

“Our subscribers look for value and simplicity,” said Juno president Charles
Ardai. “AT&T’s wireless plans, including AT&T Digital One Rate, enable us to
offer our customers the same level of convenience for their wireless
communications that they get from Juno for Internet services.”

Juno is a provider of dial-up Internet services and ad-backed e-mail services,
with more than 6.4 million accounts.

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