Juno Launches $25 Million Off-line Branding Campaign

Juno Online Services launched its largest ever
branding campaign, with the tag line “Everybody’s Getting It.”

The off-line campaign was conceived and designed by DDB Worldwide in New York, and reflects the
history of intense pass-along activity that has helped Juno grow. Juno
provides Internet-related services to millions of people throughout the
United States, many of whom were first introduced to the service by a friend
or relative.

The new campaign, which began early last month, includes television, radio
and outdoor. Total billings for 1999 are estimated to be in excess of $25
million. DDB, which was awarded the Juno account in December 1998, is
responsible for Juno’s external marketing communications including
advertising, interactive marketing and direct marketing.

“Extensive consumer research showed us that many potential Internet users
suffer from something we call ‘connection paralysis,'” said Patrick O’Hare,
group planning director at DDB New York. “People want to go online, but they
don’t know how, or they’re afraid to take the first step. Juno makes that
first step unusually easy, and has already done so for millions of people.
That’s the key fact the campaign was designed to communicate.”

Juno offers several levels of service, ranging from basic, ad-backed dial-up
e-mail-which is provided to the end user for free, to full, competitively
priced access to the Web. Since the launch of Juno’s basic e-mail service in
April 1996, more than 7 million
total Juno accounts have been created.

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