Juno, yesmail.com Form Marketing Alliance

Juno Online Services Inc. and opt-in e-mail
marketer yesmail.com signed a marketing alliance
that will promote yesmail.com’s services to Juno’s subscribers.

Juno users will have the opportunity to sign up for offers and promotions in
any of more than 250 categories through banner and pop-up advertisements on the
Juno service.

Under the terms of the agreement, Juno will receive an unspecified share of
revenues generated through its subscribers’ use of the yesmail service.
“One of our goals is to provide our members with value-added services that
match their personal needs and interests,” said Charles Ardai, Juno’s
president and chief executive officer. “yesmail.com shares this goal, and
working with them represents not only a source of revenue for us but also an
additional source of highly targeted offers for our members.”

Juno offers several levels of service, ranging from basic, ad-backed dial-up
Internet e-mail–which is provided to the end user for free–to full access to the
Web. Membership is about seven million, the company said.

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