KOZ.com Selects AdForce to Serve Ads for Community Network

KOZ.com, which creates and operates
community tools for affinity groups like newspapers and radio stations, on
Wednesday tapped CMGI‘s AdForce to serve ads on its network of
450 sites.

CMGI’s @Ventures holds an equity stake in KOZ.com, and it’s a
majority-owner of AdForce.

The move gives KOZ.com the ability to offer national advertising as part of
its package of community building tools, which are currently deployed on
Web sites for newspapers, television stations, radio stations and ISPs.

“National online advertising strengthens KOZ.com’s diversified revenue mix
and simultaneously returns revenue to the company’s local affiliates to
help them sustain their online community initiatives,” says Mike Moran,
chief executive officer of KOZ.com.

Dash.com, which offers an online shopping
tool that can be co-branded for affinity groups, signed on as one of the
first national advertisers.

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