L90, Cybuy Team for Transactional E-mail

Ad network and technology company L90 said it will incorporate e-business tech firm Cybuy’s transactional e-mail technology into its e-mail offerings.

The technology allows marketers to create and distribute e-mail messages in which recipients can make a purchase in the body of the e-mail, or while staying within their e-mail client. When a “buy” link is clicked in a Cybuy e-mail, the system launches a small, floating window in which purchasing information — like credit card numbers — is entered, and which displays a receipt after the transaction is complete.

Access to Cybuy’s transactional platform gives L90 e-mail products comparable to larger rivals like 24/7 Media, which also has deals with Cybuy and e-mail marketing technology company RadicalMail.

“As retailers begin to arm themselves with technologies to fuel their holiday season campaigns, commerce enabled e-mail marketing is sure to be an attractive selling option,” said Matt Spiegel, L90’s vice president of direct marketing sales.

“This unique e-mail solution puts L90 at the forefront of the online advertising industry and provides advertisers and Web publishers with an opportunity to sell to consumers in a quick, personal and direct manner,” he added.

The e-mail marketing industry is heating up lately, with several high-profile deals taking place between ad companies and e-mail specialists; ad firms are looking to broaden their service offerings in hopes of capitalizing on the increasing popularity of e-mail marketing, based on its low costs and comparably high ROI.

Earlier this week, DoubleClick announced its intention to acquire online direct marketer NetCreations in a $191 million, all-stock deal. In August, 24/7 snatched up e-mail marketer Exactis.

L90, as have many of its competitors, has been making efforts in recent months to broaden the scope of its product offerings beyond traditional banner ads. Last month it announced a customer rewards unit, L90|Perks, and earlier this year, L90 began licensing its viral marketing platform.

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