L90, RadicalMail Partner to Enhance Viral Marketing Service

Ad firm L90 inked an agreement on Thursday
to use interactive e-mail company RadicalMail to audio-, video-and
graphics-enable its L90Link product, a customer-acquisition vehicle that’s
designed to be sent from a consumer to his friends and family.

The deal with L90 (LNTY)
is an example of how e-mail marketers are seeking to add enhanced
eatures and interactivity, in an effort to better capture consumers’
attention. Several other e-mail companies, including Exactis.com, and MessageMedia (MESG)
, have made partnerships with RadicalMail to bring the same features to
heir offerings.

The RadicalMail technology lets consumers register within the e-mail
itself, so they don’t have to access the Web. The system also allows for
enhanced tracking, since it informs advertisers when an e-mail is opened,
allowing them to determine the effectiveness of a message in real time.

“The best endorsement for a product or service comes through word-of-mouth
marketing. People often buy products or sign up for services because of a
friend’s recommendation,” said John Bohan, president and chief executive
officer of L90.

“L90Link distributes a marketer’s message through viral marketing and
RadicalMail tells the story through graphics and interactive messaging.”

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