L90 Rolls Out Integrated Outsourced Marketing Package

Los Angeles-based ad server and technology company L90 Tuesday announced that will be selling a packaged, integrated marketing tool kit combining its separate outsourced marketing products.

The company’s new ProfiTools platform includes the company’s existing direct marketing, advertising and marketing products — specifically, its L90|Perks promotions platform, L90|Opt-in e-mail marketing system, L90|Link viral marketing technology, and L90|Super Power-Ads and L90|Broadband advertising platforms.

By repackaging its products, L90 says it can offer a single solution designed to enable high-traffic Web publishers to monetize their customer base, while minimizing the costs associated with managing marketing initiatives.

“The single largest problem for high-profile Web sites has not been their ability to attract traffic, it has been the ability to convert that traffic to revenue, ” said L90 chief executive officer John Bohan.

“With ProfiTools, online businesses can focus on their core competency and literally outsource their entire online advertising and database marketing efforts, gaining incredibly powerful economies of scale and access to next-generation technology.”

L90 said ProfiTools allows companies to lower overhead costs and minimize technology requirements through its use of the company’s proprietary ad serving and optimization platform adMonitor, which also includes invoicing, inventory and collection services.

In addition to offering the suite to existing customers, L90 said it is presently in sales negotiations with several major Internet brands.

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