LinkExchange and Yahoo! Sign Advertising Sales Deal

Yahoo! Inc. and LinkExchange signed an agreement under
which LinkExchange will sell advertising ranging from $100 to $1000 on Yahoo!

The agreement is intended to allow businesses with smaller budgets and companies interested
in testing online advertising to get online with Yahoo! via LinkExchange Express, an online
advertising sales service that enables businesses with limited budgets to buy
advertising space on some of the most highly-trafficked sites on the Web.

“LinkExchange was founded to help smaller businesses rise above the noise and
get their Web sites seen,” said Mark Bozzini, CEO of LinkExchange. “Our
relationship with Yahoo! supports our ongoing strategy to provide small
businesses with everything they need to be successful on the Web.”

Advertising on Yahoo! through LinkExchange Express can be purchased, created,
submitted, paid for and managed online. A buyer selects an advertising package
that meets their budget requirements, creates an ad banner, sends it to
LinkExchange and within three business days the campaign can be up and
running, the company said.

“With LinkExchange as our agent for programs under $1,000, we are able to
provide companies with a low-cost solution for run-of-network advertising on
Yahoo!,” said Anil Singh, senior vice president, sales at Yahoo!

In a related announcement, LinkExchange said that it is also selling
advertising programs for as little as $50 on the PC World Technology Network,
Gamespot, BabyCenter and

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