LinkExchange Offers a “SiteInspector” Tool

Cooperative ad network LinkExchange launched SiteInspector, a free service designed to help Web site owners optimize and perfect their Web sites.

To use the service, site owners simply enter their URL at and in less than a minute receive ratings and suggestions for improvement in seven categories of evaluation, LinkExchange said.

In addition to launching SiteInspector on its own Web site, LinkExchange plans to license the tool to Web-hosting companies and other major content sites. LinkExchange said it has designed the tool with a re-branding engine, so that other companies can customize SiteInspector to their Web sites’ look and feel while maintaining a seamless experience for users.

“Over a quarter of a million Web site owners are using our services today,”
said Mark Bozzini, CEO of LinkExchange. “The launch of SiteInspector supports
our mission to provide site owners with everything they need to succeed online
and adds significant value to the entire suite of LinkExchange services.”

A company spokesman said: “We are hoping to make LinkExchange synonymous with helping site owners create great sites, rather than solely providing a banner advertising service.”

SiteInspector checks each site for browser compatibility, broken links, HTML design and accuracy, spelling errors, search engine readiness, popularity and loadtime at common connection speeds. Following each test, the user is armed with solid advice and tools that will help them take care of any identified problems.

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