Macromedia Players Enlivened

Macromedia Inc. and @Home Network Tuesday entered into an
alliance that will bring rich media advertising to Macromedia’s
applications by integrating @Home’s Enliven technology into the Flash and Shockwave multimedia players.

Under the terms of the agreement, Enliven technology will be integrated
into the applications to create an industry-standard delivery mechanism for
rich-media advertisements. In addition, @Home’s high-speed Internet
subscribers will be encouraged to visit the newly announced, an entertainment site
run by Macromedia.

With the alliance, the two firms are looking to broaden consumer reach of
Enliven’s multimedia ad delivery and tracking capabilities, as well as
expand the audience for multimedia Web advertising, said Rob Burgess,
Macromedia’s chairman and chief executive officer.

“@Home shares our passion for entertainment and rich media on the Web,”
Burgess said. “This alliance extends the reach of and further
establishes Macromedia Shockwave and
Flash, along with @Home’s Enliven, as the key enablers of rich-media Web
advertising.”, announced earlier this week, will feature rich media content
including cartoons, comics, music, games and popular material from movies
and television. It is slated to launch in June.

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