MatchLogic Launches ROI Tracking Solution for Online Advertisers

MatchLogic Inc. said it is now offering TruEffect, a new service providing Internet-based, cause-and-effect Return on Investment (ROI) tracking for online advertisers.

This new service tracks consumer action within an advertising campaign across
the entire Web, ending with the final sale on the marketer’s home page, the
company said.

TruEffect gives advertisers the opportunity to evaluate campaign performance
in “near real-time,” determine the true ROI of campaigns and make appropriate
revisions to these campaigns to optimize effectiveness, MatchLogic said.

For example, a marketer’s end goal is to determine the most effective
advertising creative that drives the most sales from its site. To track this
path requires linking the click on the ad, wherever it takes place across the
entire Web, to the “thank you” page of the sale
on the marketer’s Web site. TruEffect can track the initial ad serve and click
to the resultant sale because MatchLogic both serves the ad and monitors the
sale “thank you” page.

“Brand and direct marketers alike can now implement traditional media testing techniques on the Web and receive feedback within days rather than months,” said Pete Estler, president and CEO of MatchLogic. “TruEffect will drive media testing and planning to new levels on the Web, enabling marketers to know exactly what their ad burn rate is with each customer and focus their buys and creative styles on the sites that provide the highest ROI.” Pricing was not disclosed.

MatchLogic is an independent subsidiary of Excite Inc. that offers a full
range of integrated marketing services that enable advertisers and their
agencies to orchestrate and/or outsource entire Internet advertising

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