MatchLogic Teams With Harris Black for Demographic Profiles

MatchLogic Inc. and Harris Black International Ltd.,
producer of the Harris Poll, launched LandscapE, a service to provide
Internet-based demographic profiles at the campaign, site and click levels for
ad management and site counting customers.

The customer profiles are categorized into age, income, gender, age by gender,
and income by gender. LandscapE gives advertisers the opportunity to view the
aggregate demographics of end-users in “near real-time” as well as make
adjustments to the creative immediately, thereby optimizing response rates,
the companies said.

Marketers now have the ability to test and determine the audience that is
exposed to specific creative as well as what the audience executes–the “call to action”–within a specific creative.

“ROI is what will drive the credibility of Internet advertising and enable it
to compete dollar for dollar against all other advertising forms,” said Pete
Estler, president and CEO of Louisville, CO-based MatchLogic.

allows media planners to make accurate comparisons between land-based
advertising and the digital space. They can now observe the number of 18-25
year olds viewing their ads as well as information about customer gender,
income, and more. We are providing the advertising industry with a new
qualitative standard for measuring the bottom line in cyberspace.”

MatchLogic’s proprietary customer profiles are based on user-provided
information that’s been gathered through surveys, sweepstakes entries, and
registrations. The reports generated by MatchLogic from the data are
aggregated and no specific user information is ever provided, the company

The new alliance with Harris Black allows campaign data to be matched with the
MatchLogic customer profile repository, and then projected against the overall
campaign and U.S. Internet populations.

The Harris Poll Internet audience
size, which is updated quarterly and reported in Business Week, enables
demographic statistical interpretation of MatchLogic’s client reports.

HBI Chairman and CEO, Gordon S. Black said: “LandscapE takes Internet
advertising measurement and research to a new level. HBI and MatchLogic share
a commitment to our clients to continuously evolve our measurement
methodologies to enhance their advertising investment decisions and campaign

MatchLogic, founded in 1996, offers a range of integrated marketing services
that enable advertisers and their agencies to orchestrate entire Internet
advertising campaigns.

Rochester, NY-based Harris Black International, Ltd. is a holding company
created in early 1997 to manage five marketing research and consulting
enterprises: Gordon S. Black Corp., Louis Harris & Associates, Harris Black
International Consulting, Data Collection Services and the Harris Black
International Network.

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