Media Metrix Launches New Analysis Service

Web measurement company Media Metrix Inc. has launched
Q-Metrix, designed to provide in-depth qualitative data based on its large
sample of Internet users.

Q-Metrix links qualitative Internet data with Media Metrix’ database of
metered Internet usage patterns, providing “unparalleled depth of information
on consumer lifestyles, behavior, media consumption, demographics and product
usage patterns linked with Internet audience ratings data,” the company said.

Media Metrix said it developed Q-Metrix by probing deeper into data from its
metered panel of Internet users who responded to a questionnaire containing
qualitative questions about personal lifestyle, media consumption, product
consumption and buying behavior. This data is linked with Media Metrix’
metered data.

“Q-Metrix was developed in response to our clients’ need for greater depth in
Internet behavioral data to help further define the growing base of Internet
users and for further differentiation among Internet sites and online
entities,” said Jim D’Arcangelo, senior vice president for marketing and
business development.

Q-Metrix, for example, can tell an advertiser which sites have the most
Internet users planning to buy a new automobile soon, and how many of those
people fit the automobile manufacturer’s target audience profile (say males
25-45 with an income over $60,000.

Clients can combine and customize Q-Metrix’ data across 500 sites and
properties using a variety of measures and demographics information.

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