Media Passage Now Fully Internet-Enabled

Seattle-based Media Passage, a provider of integrated print media process
technology and services, completed a shift to Web-based distribution for
print media buys and changed its name to

The company said it is Internet-enabled for all of its services and now has
an instantaneous way for advertising agencies and advertisers to connect with
the its technology and services.

“This change to signifies our company’s leading role in
bringing all the services we provide directly to the desktop of agencies and
advertisers”, said Gilbert Scherer, president of “We have
created even greater operating efficiencies for print media advertisers using
today’s technology.” provides a range of integrated technology and services that
helps create efficient execution of print media functions from planning to
trafficking to paying and monitoring. In the magazine field, the company
works directly with SDRS Online, to provide media staff with the most current
publishing and rate data. Previously, Media Passage delivered its technology
to users via CD ROM or floppy disc.

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