MediaOne Launches Campaign for High Speed Internet Access Service

Denver-based cable company MediaOne launched a $4 million national advertising campaign to support its broadband Internet access service, MediaOne Express.

The high-speed Internet access service enables customers to connect to the
Internet at speeds up to 50 times faster than conventional telephone lines.
MediaOne and Time Warner recently merged their high-speed online services,
which will be sold under the Road Runner brand.

Developed by Margeotes Fertitta + Partners, the TV campaign features actual
users enthusiastically reacting to the benefits of the high-speed Internet
access service.

The television spots use a series of fast cuts that shift back and forth
showing MediaOne customers of all ages engaged in surfing the Internet and
expressing excitement about their online experience with MediaOne Express. The
campaign encompasses broadcast television, cable cross-channel, radio and
print, but apparently not online. It will run in the six markets–Atlanta,
Boston, Chicago, Detroit – Ann Arbor, MI, Jacksonville, FL
and Los Angeles–where MediaOne Express services are offered.

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