Mediaplex Launches MOJO E-mail Product

Online marketing technology company Mediaplex Tuesday took the wraps of its anticipated e-mail marketing product, based on its MObile Java Objects technology, or MOJO.

MOJO, when used on the Web or in banner ads, synchronizes dynamic Web content with a company’s database, allowing marketers to show Web users different promotions, ads and content depending on inventory levels, pricing, or customer information.

Incorporating this technology, MOJO Mail does the same thing for e-mail, delivering dynamically generated content tied to a company’s database when the e-mail is opened. As with Web MOJO, the e-mail product incorporates reporting features for optimization.

San Francisco-based Mediaplex said it is targeting the product at companies in the travel, retail, and financial sectors, which “stand to benefit most from time-sensitive offers, promotions, and communications,” said Paul Ryan, vice president of MOJO Mail.

“MOJO Mail is designed to help maximize the benefits of their investment by increasing the relevance of their messages,” he said. “In effect, we are bringing the enterprise to the consumer, using e-mail as a market-facing tool for supply chain management.”

The company has deals with several online marketing and ad technology firms, including DoubleClick and CMGion’s AdForce. It also has a previous deal with e-mail marketer ClickAction to create a similar product offering; Tuesday’s unveiling of MOJO Mail brings the capability fully in-house for Mediaplex.

The news comes on the heels of Monday’s announcement that a Mediaplex subsidiary, AdWare, would integrate the adXML open standard language in a spot cable ad transaction product for National Cable Communications, a national spot cable ad rep firm.

Mediaplex is working to broaden the appeal of adXML, which it developed and which it says expedites and simplifies transactions between media buyers and sellers. Previously, the language has been used only in online media deals; the AdWare-NCC agreement is the first application of adXML to offline media.

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