Monster Helps “America’s Mayor” Say Thanks is giving former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani 30 seconds of Super Bowl air time to thank the country for its support since Sept. 11.

The Maynard, Mass., online job board, is owned by TMPW of New York. The idea, which came together over the last two weeks, was the brainchild of TMP CEO Andrew J. McKelvey.

Monster officials said the spot is not meant to be a branding vehicle, nor is Giuliani to be mistaken for a pitchman.

“This is not an endorsement in any way,” said Peter Blacklow, Monster’s senior vice president of marketing.

As part of its deal, Monster has donated $350,000 to the Twin Towers Fund, which helps the families of victims of the terrorist attacks. Giuliani received no other compensation.

The 30-second, black-and-white ad was created in-house by TMP Worldwide. In it, Giuliani, who won praises for his leadership during the national crisis, delivers a simple, heartfelt message.

“As a New Yorker I am very proud of the strength and resolve of all our people,” Giuliani says with the city’s skyline as a backdrop. “For all New Yorkers I just want to say, ‘Thank you America.”

The piece ends with the tagline, “This tribute was made possible by”

Monster’s will run a second commercial later during the Super Bowl broadcast. It will be from its ongoing campaign featuring Olympic athletes. In all, the company paid about $4 million for the air time.

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