and Strike Content, Marketing Deal

Online drugstore and, a health and relationships
site aimed at teens, on Tuesday forged a pact that makes the teen
site’s exclusive drug store, and adds’s content to the

The agreement helps reach the sought-after young people’s market,
by associating it with the hip, a site whose editor in chief is
Dr. Drew Pinsky, the co-host of the nationally syndicated and Loveline
radio and television shows. is staking out this youth market in an
effort to stand out in the ultra-competitive online drug store space, where
competitors include the more well-known and

“At, we are dedicated to helping all of our customers make smart
purchase decisions by providing them with relevant content,” says Don
Kendall, co-founder and CEO of

“ is an excellent source of credible information on issues that
concern our young adult customers. Better servicing these specialized
segments of the market will continue to enhance the brand.”

As part of the agreement, both sites will promote the association in
marketing collateral, e-mail campaigns and merchandising promotions. The
deal also involves site co-branding, proprietary content swapping, and
other cross-marketing promotions. will feature’s content in its healthy sex and teens
health centers.

The healthy sex center features information on sexual
health such as the effects of anti-depressants on sex drive, body image and
which foods and supplements are natural aphrodisiacs.

The teens center
addresses topics such as HIV, vegetarianism and healthy skin. Both centers
include buying guides.

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