Launches New Interstitial Format launched
consumer-controlled Net-mercials, calling the app “a simple but highly
technical transitional Web advertising solution” that occupies the
interstitial and intrastitial spaces that occur as a Web page loads.

Using new technology that loads ads “almost instantly,” the company said
Net-mercials “maximize every benefit of transitional Internet advertising”
including enhancing e-commerce, creating advantages for advertisers, building
revenues for Web sites, and evolving highly targeted ads.

“We are at a time where an online advertising alternative is needed as an
answer to what advertisers and consumers want,” said’s CEO
David Lamb. “Consumers are looking for more control of the ads and
advertisers are looking for effectiveness. Net-mercials answer both needs.”

Net-mercials are displayed in a black “TV” like frame that draws the user’s
eye to the content shown on the screen. A timer informs the user that the ad
is only temporary and will expire after a certain number of seconds or when
the Web site loads. The consumer can choose, through a series of button bars
on the frame to play, pause, request more information, print or exit the ad
or wait while the requested site continues to load.

Typical load times are under three seconds, the company said, and ads may
contain animations, audio and video. No plug-ins are required.

“When we developed Net-mercials, we wanted to incorporate all the positive
aspects of current Internet ads, so we threw out what was ineffective, added
some new ideas and came up with some very powerful Internet ads,” said’s executive vice president for sales and marketing, Jon
Knudsen. “The result was a Net-mercial — an ad that loads fast and let’s
users have control without causing significant delays.”

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