Net Perceptions Launches Ad Targeting Solution

Net Perceptions, a developer and supplier of Realtime
technologies, entered the ad-targeting arena, launching Net Perceptions for Ad

The product is the first Net Perceptions solution designed
specifically for the targeting of Web advertising, the company said. Business Week Online and Star Tribune in Minneapolis have already
signed on to deploy the software.

“This product increases Web site advertising revenues by increasing click-
throughs for advertisers,” said Steve Larsen, Net Perceptions’ vice president
of marketing and business development. “It does this by automatically learning
the individual interests and tastes of site visitors, then putting the right
ads in front of each visitor in real-time.”

“Sites can deploy the software in minutes and realize measurable improvements
in ad targeting within days,” said Larsen. “Targeting gets increasingly
personalized as the software continually learns about each visitor’s
individual interests and tastes.”

Net Perceptions for Ad Targeting grew out of a partnership Net Perceptions
entered earlier this year with Neural Applications Corp. for the
application of Neural’s Aegis patented neural network technology, which
combines neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms and experts systems

Net Perceptions for Ad Targeting automatically starts learning about each site
visitor’s interests and tastes from the first visit and keeps learning with
every repeat visit.

variables include Recentcy/Frequency, Behavioral Information, Page ID,
Time of Day, Demographic Information, Keywords entered in the search
engine and other categorical information. Pricing details were not disclosed.

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