Netcom Campaign Offers Webcertificate to New Customers

San Jose, CA-based ISP Netcom On-Line Communication Services Inc.
launched a campaign offering new customers a $20 online Webcertificate that
can be used to buy virtually anything, anywhere on the Internet.

The certificate is made possible by a co-marketing agreement between Netcom
and C/Base, the Internet marketing company that operates

The Webcertificate offering is part of the company’s new “No Bull Internet”
advertising and marketing campaign, the largest targeted promotion in Netcom’s
history. Spending was not disclosed.

The integrated campaign, which positions
Netcom as the “No Bull Internet Alternative,” is aimed at Internet users in
the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle-Tacoma, Denver, and Dallas-Fort Worth
markets who may be frustrated or dissatisfied with their current provider.

“We’re responding to the frustration millions of consumers have had with their
ISP,” said Michael Greenbaum, Netcom senior vice president and general
manager. “People are tired of fighting to get online, having to put up with
unreliable connections and the support they get from their current provider.
In addition, they are growing annoyed that their personal information is being
sold for marketing purposes.”

“When we say ‘No Bull Internet’, it’s not just a slogan,” Greenbaum added.
“Consumers will get Netcom’s fast, reliable service for a simple, flat monthly
fee of $19.95. Period. It also means we respect our customers’ privacy and
won’t sell their personal information to other companies.”

For customers who sign up by March 30, Netcom is offering the $20
Webcertificate, as well as 150 free hours of Internet access service during
their first 30 days. Customers will receive the certificate via e-mail after
90 days of paid service.

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