NetCreations to Manage WebPromote E-mail List

NetCreations Inc., an
opt-in email marketing company, announced that they will manage the
213,332-name opt-in e-mail list of the WebPromote Internet marketing service.

The deal boosts NetCreations’ PostMaster Direct Response database to 894,445
e-mail addresses, according to president Rosalind Resnick.
Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

The WebPromote list offers e-mail addresses of Internet users who have signed
up to receive information about business, employment, computing,
entertainment, health, travel and other popular topics. WebPromote began
collecting opt-in e-mail addresses on its site over a year ago but had managed
its list in house until now. WebPromote will continue to offer its lists
through its own sales force as well.

NetCreations will store WebPromote’s e-mail addresses in its Web database,
provide delivery and merge/purge services, and offer the lists for rent
through its online marketplace.

The WebPromote lists will initially rent for 15 cents a name, including list
rental, e-mail distribution and merge/purge. Under the agreement, WebPromote
will also act as an e-mail list broker for NetCreations’ PostMaster Direct
Response lists, making them available to WebPromote’s thousands of Web
advertising clients.

“As an opt-in email marketer, WebPromote has long been our ally in the war
against spam,” Resnick said. “We are delighted to gain such a strong partner
in our quest to build the largest database of opt-in e-mail addresses on the

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