Plans Ad Campaign on Lycos

Largo, FL-based Internet toy retailer Corp. said it plans a three-month
advertising campaign with Lycos Inc.

The campaign’s focus will be on the niche market of consumers who are
searching for hard-to-find toys such as Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon and Erector
Sets, the company said. Spending was not disclosed.

“We got off to a solid start with our grand opening and the Furby giveaway,”
said Michael Cao,’s CEO. “Now we need to step up our marketing
efforts Our advertising agreement with Lycos follows’s goal of
building brand awareness for and will ensure that our name will
reach one of the largest audiences of online consumers. . .”

Beginning May 1, banners on will direct users to’s
Internet store when they search for keywords related to the specific toys.
“This is a new approach for us,” said Cedric Viquerat, vice president of
marketing at “With the Lycos marketing plan, our advertising efforts will be
focused on three specific lines of toys. We chose this type of advertising
campaign based on the extreme popularity of these particular toys.”

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