NetZero to Offer Advertisers Amazing Media Tools

NetZero, a
leading advertiser-supported free ISP, Thursday announced that it has
entered into a cross-branding agreement with Amazing Media.

Geared toward smaller businesses with limited advertising budgets,
Amazing Media provides clients with online services to create, measure and
optimize rich media, transactional ads. Ads are served over Amazing Media’s
network of about 7,000 sites.

Under terms of the agreement, advertisers on NetZero’s zCast system will
be able to design, target and track ads using Amazing Media’s technology on
a co-branded site.

The zCast system serves rich media ads through a floating window that
remains open during users’ online sessions.

“Our strategic alliance with Amazing Media represents a significant move
to attract and serve local advertisers and small businesses, a historically
underserved population,” said NetZero chairman and chief executive officer
Mark Goldston.

“Millions of small businesses are looking for an easy, cost-effective way
of advertising online,” said Amazing Media president and CEO David Geller.
“The alliance puts the power of advertising and direct marketing into the
hands of advertisers.”

NetZero has been busy increasing its co-branded marketing and e-commerce
initiatives lately.

In May, the ISP entered into an agreement with Global Sports , an
e-commerce provider for sporting goods retailers, to provide customized ISP
services for retailers including The Athlete’s Foot.

NetZero earlier announced a co-branding initiative with Aetna, Inc. to provide
free, co-branded Internet access to all of Aetna’s U.S. employees. NetZero
also signed a similar deal with General
early this year.

By engaging in co-branding and diversification of its revenue streams,
the deals lessen NetZero’s exposure to the online ad sales market’s
continued mood swings.

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