New Marketing Effectiveness Research Service Launches

Online market research firm Millward Brown Interactive in San
Francisco launched a new, panel-based research service called Voyager.

The company said Voyager uses a set of research tools enabling marketers to evaluate online communications opportunities, develop online media plans, and evaluate the effectiveness of their online marketing programs.

Voyager’s research tools are based on survey and behavioral information from a
panel of more than 30,000 Internet users (15,000 now, reaching 30,000 by May 30). These users are tracked in real time to find out where they are going and
what they are doing online, the company said.

“Voyager provides marketers with the only tools to measure how well their
online communications are impacting consumer perceptions and attitudes toward
their brands.” said Rex Briggs, vice president of Millward Brown Interactive.

“We are not about ratings or refereeing Web site popularity contests, or even
having the biggest panel of users. Instead, we believe that we’ve amassed the
largest, most representative panel of Internet users and the right measurement
tools to answer the questions that marketers are–or should be–asking:
Did your brand communication reach the desired target audience? Did it enhance
the relationship between consumer and
brand? Did it lead to purchase?”

Voyager’s Ad Profiler is designed to allow marketers to identify which users were exposed to
their ad, at what level of frequency, and how it impacted the user. Marketers
can then adjust messages to their targets accordingly.

The Voyager service also gives marketers access to demographic and behavioral
information about users on the Internet Using Web Trender; a marketer gauges
the number of unique users online representing their target market, determines
the amount of time they spend online relative to other media, and tracks which
sites they visited.

Voyager also features User Profiler, which allows marketers to examine which
Web sites have the highest concentration of their target audience, determine
what other sites
the target audience uses, and then build and evaluate online media plans.

Millward Brown Interactive is a division of WPP Group’s Millward Brown
International. Pricing details of the service were not disclosed.

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