New Promotion Ties In-Store to Internet

LEC LTD, an integrated advertising and
new media firm in Chicago, launched E-stakes, a patent-pending, sweepstakes-
style promotional concept designed to help marketers increase in-store sales
and track consumer participation via the Internet.

To do this, E-stakes creates a direct relationship between the physical
product on the shelf and the virtual world of the Web.

The concept utilizes a printed piece that is affixed to a product’s
packaging–such as a coupon, booklet or card–which contains a Personal
Identification Number (PIN). Consumers are invited to visit a custom-designed
Web site to see if they have won a prize. Once they have identified
themselves and logged on, consumers can obtain coupons, receive ongoing
product discounts and special offers and redeem non-winning entries for

LEC is working with Minneapolis-based Smyth Companies, which is providing
expertise and facilities for the printing, personalization, and application
of virtually any type of on-pack device.

“Marketers and retailers can now establish a direct link between the brick
and mortar world of the retail store and the virtual world of the Web,” said
Laurie Cairns, president of LEC. “Since users must enter personal data to
gain access to the E-stakes site, it also enables marketers to obtain
valuable demographics.”

According to Cairns, LEC and Smyth Companies have received strong interest
from brand managers in a variety of industries, especially those struggling
to find ways to get a return on their Internet investment.

Added Cairns, “Marketers seem to be especially intrigued by the ability to
reach an audience, to get to know them, and to develop long-term, multi-
faceted promotions designed to build brand equity and attract new brand

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