Newsletter Projects $17 Billion Web Ad Business in 2007

The Carmel (CA) Group’s “Convergence Investor” newsletter projects that consumer market Web advertising will be a $17.3
billion business in 2007.

According to the newsletter, the projection reflects an 18-fold increase from the Internet Advertising Bureau’s $906.5 million
valuation for 1997 online advertising activity.

In addition to delivering detailed 10-year Internet advertising growth and
revenue projections, this latest edition of “Convergence Investor” examines
the Internet strategies of major players such as Barnes & Noble, DoubleClick,
AOL and Yahoo! as they employ banner ads, sponsorships, interstitials and
microsites to build their interactive businesses.

The newsletter also lists more than 40 Congressional bills that could affect
the evolution of the Internet. These include measures dealing with copyright,
taxation, adult content and behavior, privacy, unsolicited e-mail, Internet
gambling, FCC regulation, encryption and the regulation of electronic

The Carmel Group provides investment, programming, marketing, technological,
regulatory, legal and other business analysis of direct broadcast satellite
and other telecommunications industries. Company products and services include
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