Nike To Launch New Shoes with 3D Game

In an effort to build brand awareness and loyalty through interactive
entertainment, Nike on Friday unveiled a
3D branded Shockwave game called “Mindsprint,” aimed at calling attention
to the launch of its new line of shoes — Presto.

The game, created by Zendo
, lets users mix audio and video while navigating through a 3D
tunnel. As part of its marketing effort, Nike has
distributed the application to several Generation-Y-oriented sites. The
idea is to cultivate a hip cutting-edge image, while building brand loyalty
through interaction with the game.

Nike has been experimenting, as of late, with innovations in online
marketing. The shoe company ran a series of television commercials that
invited viewers to hop online and vote on an ending. Nike also tapped Critical Mass to help it with
personalization efforts on its Web site.

“We believe a profound cultural shift is happening in communication and
entertainment. We are moving from the passive, traditional marketing model
of television to the interactive, entertainment marketing of the Internet,”
said Kirk Gibbons, chief executive officer and creative director of Zendo

“Teenagers and ‘the Playstation generation’ are at the leading edge of this
shift, and Mindsprint speaks in this new language.”

The Mindsprint application is also meant to be complementary to the product
itself, so users learn about the product while they are interacting with
the game. In an unusual step, Nike has made the Air Presto line of shoes in
sizes like XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL, rather than the traditional sizing
scheme. Mindsprint offers the users different size experiences (labeled as
XXS to XL) based on their connection speed. Also, as the Air Presto comes
in 13 different colors, Mindsprint lets users select from 13 different
paths and music experiences.

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