nineCo Introduces Full-Screen E-Mercials

NineCo, an entertainment-based Web marketing company, introduced e-mercials, full-screen advertisements that are shown during breaks in
programming on the many game shows on nineCo’s Web site.

Using its database of about 1.2 million registered users,
nineCo said it offers sponsors the ability to individually target consumers
and consumer groups, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns.

NineCo said its users have given permission for their profiles to be used,
allowing the company to target specific individuals based on hundreds of
factors including gender, income, profession and zip code. NineCo also
customizes the technology to suit each player’s specific computer equipment
(browser, operating system, etc.) .

In much the same way television has accustomed viewers to watching
commercials, the e-mercial capitalizes on the user’s willingness to wait
between games to view advertising, the company said. The e-mercial may consist
of any and all rich media content such as streaming audio and video, e-
commerce opportunities, or pre-populated interactive entry forms and

The site contains multiplayer, interactive game shows in which cash and merchandise prizes are continuously awarded to winners.

“In the past, advertisers have strewn banner ads across numerous Web sites in
the hope that a member of their target group will notice the tiny banner and
decide to abandon what they’re doing and visit the sponsor’s site,” said
Steven N. Kane, president of nineCo.

“We’re moving advertisers away from this
expensive, inefficient, scattershot approach to a more direct, focused,
measurable and previously unavailable method of Internet advertising. This
targeted approach, combined with our extensive database of people who given
permission for themselves to be targeted, ensures that virtually any
advertiser is able to market directly to their specific audience.”

nineCo also offers online event sponsorships, permission-based direct
marketing (e-mail), pop-up windows and micro targeted banners.

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