OgilvyInteractive Launches Campaign for Lotus Notes, Domino

A rich media advertising campaign touting Lotus Development Corp.’s Notes and Domino
software was launched this week by OgilvyInteractive.

Targeting a business audience, the campaign consists of three rich media ads
and interstitials touting the benefits and sense of empowerment that
individuals in business can have when they use Lotus products.

The first in the series features Charlie Lamm, IT manager at the film
production company, The Coppola Companies Inc. Lamm has customized the global
and collaborative messaging capabilities of Lotus Notes and Domino.

The ads are powered by [email protected]’s Enliven rich media advertising solution
and employ Macromedia Flash interstitials.

A film leader is used as a navigational device to provide viewers with a way
to move throughout the four scenes of the story. Once a scene has finished,
the viewer is prompted to move on to the next scene, which they can do
linearly or skate around to view the story however they see fit.

“By utilizing Macromedia Flash technology, we’re not just pushing out
information, we are allowing the viewer to interact with the experience,”
said Robyn Kossoff, associate creative director, OgilvyInteractive.

Within the interstitial, interested viewers are also given the option via hot
links to take next steps. They can choose to: Download a free Notes and
Domino Release 5, Sign up for a seminar or E- mail their IT manager.

“Our total solution begins with a rich media ad, followed by an interstitial
and the means to opt-in for added value offers. This allows us to not only to
pique the interest and educate the viewer, it also links software sampling,
seminars, and e-mail correspondence to extend their relationship with Lotus,”
said Audrey Fleisher, creative director at

The three Lotus ads are scheduled to run through the fourth quarter. The
media buy is for 10 million impressions on sites including BusinessWeek,
Forbes, The Industry Standard, The Wall Street Journal, Red Herring, The New
York Times, Feed, and Salon, among others.

Spending was not disclosed.
OgilvyInteractive is unit of OgilvyOne Worldwide.

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