OLAF Launches New Marketing Resource

OLAF–the On Line Advertising Forum–launched OLAF 5.0, the newest version of the online
marketing resource.

“This latest version of OLAF is the most robust yet,” said Thomas F. Hespos
Jr., OLAF’s creator and publisher. “It provides quick links to the information
all online marketers need to stay on top of the industry.”

New features include a section called “The Forum” that serves as a sounding
board for
online marketers to express their opinions, an automated submission process
for new resource links and enhanced information architecture.

Writers for “The Forum” at launch include Sean Finnegan, media director
at J. Walter Thompson’s Digital Communications division, Craig Swerdloff,
sales manager at 24/7 Media, and Hespos, who has archived copies of his column
“The Rant” at the site.

OLAF initially launched in August of 1997 as a list of resources within
GeoCities’ Madison Avenue neighborhood. After winning the GeoCities Madison
Avenue Challenge in September of that year, Hespos, who is vice president and
media director at K2 Design, moved OLAF to its own domain

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