Online Ads Help Drive Growth in Computer Publishing Industry

A 14.8% increase in net revenues among trade computer magazines drove growth
in the U.S. market for computer magazines, books, online/electronic-based
publications and newsletters, journals and looseleafs in 1997, according to
an industry report.

“Computer Publishing Market Forecast 1998” is the latest research report
from Simba Information Inc. The U.S.
computer publishing market grew 12.1% to an estimated $3.01 billion last
year, the report found.

And it is forecast to grow another 14.9% to $3.46 billion in 1998, with the
magazine and book segments continuing to dominate the industry. Computer
magazines, which represent the largest segment of the industry with a 56.7%
market share, are projected to grow revenues 13.3% to $1.93 billion this year.

Growth in revenues from the online/electronic-based segment of the computer
publishing market continued to outpace all other market segments in 1997,
rising 66.6% to an estimated $233.3 million. The electronic segment, which
includes dollars generated via Web advertising and CD-ROMs, is forecast to
grow another 50% to $350 million in 1998, the report said.

This growth will continue as the Internet plays an increased role in computer
advertisers’ media plans and computer newsletter/looseleaf publishers
transfer more print content into electronic formats. However, the
online/electronic-based segment still represents only a fraction of the
overall computer publishing industry, with a 7.7% market share in 1997.

Stamford, CT-based Cowles/Simba Information is a provider of news, analysis
and market research reports on the media and information industry.

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