Onsale Offers Rich Media Auction Banner

San Francisco-based Lot21 Interactive Advertising introduced
it called “the first-ever Macromedia Generator-enhanced ad banner.”

Created for its client Onsale, the banner transmits up to 50 live
auctions in a rich media presentation, the company said. Utilizing Macromedia technology, the banner
constantly updates with new auctions and current pricing.

“The combination of Macromedia Flash and Generator provides us with an
opportunity to create revolutionary ads for our clients. The ability to
include live data in a captivating animated format extends our client’s
while offering greater interaction,” said Kate Everett-Thorp, president and
CEO of Lot21.

“The powerful, unique combination of Flash and Generator provides designers
with the ability to deliver real-time or personalized information in a
compelling, interactive format with minimal custom programming,” said David
Mendels, vice president of Macromedia’s Web Publishing division.

To experience a Generator-enhanced banner, the user needs the Macromedia
Flash Player. Once the user clicks on the banner, it delivers real-time
information to the page requested on Onsale to present a unique advertising

Using a clustered server solution supplied by DataReturn, the Onsale banner is
currently running on Macromedia’s ShockRave Web site, served through DoubleClick..

Lot21’s clients include the newly merged BankAmerica, E-Stamp, Inktomi,
Looksmart and Seagate.

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