Paramark Automates Optimization

Start-up direct marketing technology company, Paramark Inc., thinks it can ease the time-consuming process of tweaking banner advertising campaigns.

The company, which officially launched on Wednesday, has developed Web-based software, called AdPilot, that automates the process of optimization. The software works with ad serving technology — currently, just DoubleClick‘s DART, although the company says it’s working on integrating with Engage‘s system — and changes ad placements based on data it gathers.

When advertisers and agencies initially set up the software for a given campaign, they can specify certain goals — such as click-through or post-click action — and the application then automates the process of switching out ads and placements to reach that goal. In addition, according to the company, the technology allows marketers to determine what specific elements — creative, message, placement –of a media buy are working, and which aren’t. Paramark executives claim that the process increases return on investment by 50 to 200 percent.

“The Internet’s high degree of measurability, instant execution and targeting capabilities make it uniquely suited for direct response marketing, yet online advertisers are drowning in data as they struggle with manual optimization,” said Hitendra Wadhwa, chief executive officer and co-founder of Paramark.

“AdPilot will provide marketers with much stronger online advertising performance, resulting in a more robust online advertising market.”

Beta customers include Exile on 7th, Beyond Interactive (a unit of Grey Advertising), Mediasmith, NextCard, and Omnisky.

The company whose technology and approach most resembles that of Paramark is HotSocket, another start-up, although several other firms offer optimization software.

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