PeopleSoft To Nab Annuncio

Business software maker PeopleSoft Friday says it will purchase the intellectual property and certain assets of Annuncio Software Inc. Terms of the financial deal were not discussed.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Annuncio is best known for its Announcio Bright software (for e-merchandising and Web personalization) and Annuncio Live product (for campaign automation.) The company’s marketing automation offerings are designed to help marketers and e-tailers promote their wares effeciently, by tracking users, building profiles, and delivering targeted messages.

If the acquisition passes through a stockholder vote and federal scrutiny, privately held Annuncio will become a part of Pleasanton, Calif.-based PeopleSoft by the end of March.

This is the fourth acquisition in less than a year by PeopleSoft. Similar to its buyout of Cohera’s assets in August, SkillsVillage’s technology back in May and purchase of Calico’s interactive selling software in December, PeopleSoft will add Annuncio’s assets to its growing cache of customer relationship management (CRM) programs.

“This acquisition demonstrates PeopleSoft’s continued commitment to expand our pure Internet customer relationship management solution,” says PeopleSoft Senior Vice President and CRM General Manager Stan Swete. “The expanded functionality will enable companies to build loyal customer relationships, increase revenue, and communicate more effectively through more interactive media — where costs can be lower, more information can be conveyed, and more personalized offers and promotions can be delivered.”

Swete says the acquisition will give PeopleSoft customers the ability to execute marketing campaigns using online dialog and Web site marketing to maintain real-time personalized conversations with customers.

PeopleSoft’s applications include Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Service Automation, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, and Enterprise Performance Management.

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