Perceptual Systems Launches ActiveAd Agent

Perceptual Systems in New York
released ActiveAd Agent, a new application for managing online media

Using ActiveAd, advertisers can quickly send insertion orders out to
publishers, get performance data from Web sites, and generate reports about
how different campaigns, creatives, and sites are doing, the company said.
Clickthrough rates, conversion rates, effective costs per click, and
transaction are compiled within seconds.

“Agencies can replace unstructured spreadsheets with ActiveAd’s database-driven way of doing planning, trafficking, tracking and analysis,” said
Sourabh Niyogi, president of Perceptual Systems. “Formalizing media buying
processes with ActiveAd will save agencies significant amounts of time and
money and enable new forms of business intelligence that are generally too
difficult to achieve by hand.”

Initial clients include Left Field and i-traffic, the company said. Pricing
details were not disclosed.

Perceptual Systems was founded in 1997 to serve
online advertising agencies and advertisers. Trial editions of ActiveAd
Agent 1.0 are available on the Web site.

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