PlanetHopper and General Cinema Team for Wireless Promotional Deal

Wireless marketing technology firm PlanetHopper inked a deal with national movie theater chain General Cinema Theaters to send geographically based discounts to Web, mobile phones, PDA and PC users.

As part of the deal, PlanetHopper will carry promotions for particular General Cinema theaters on its service, which users join via the company’s Web or WAP site. The service allows users to look up deals for restaurants and now GC theaters in their areas.

The deal adds some heft to the client roster of six-month old PlanetHopper. Chestnut Hill, Mass.-based General Cinema Theaters is one of the largest domestic movie theater companies, with 78 theaters in 19 states and the District of Columbia.

According to terms of the deal, PlanetHopper’s service will include information on promotions at General Cinemas theaters in the Chicago, Philadelphia and Cleveland markets, as well as additional locations in Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Texas.

The companies said they will use wireless to publicize new movies and to deliver promotions aimed at boosting attendance during off-peak weekday periods.

“We’re always looking to increase the number of people who come to our theaters,” said Page Thompson, senior vice president of marketing for General Cinema. “PlanetHopper offers us an innovative and exciting way to increase attendance at our cinemas.”

Silicon Alley-based PlanetHopper said it will also deliver opt-in text messaging in the future for General Cinemas and its other clients.

“PlanetHopper will reach potential moviegoers at home, at the office, on the street and even at the box office to inform them of exciting new movies and promotional events at the theaters,” said PlanetHopper founder and president Rachel Barenbaum. “The prospects for growth in the U.S. and abroad are tremendous. We look forward to working with General Cinema in the coming year.”

“Users will enjoy a full evening’s worth of activities at reduced rates by plugging into PlanetHopper and searching for the appropriate digital deals,” Barenbaum said.

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