PowerAdz.com Participate in NAA’s Classified Initiative

PowerAdz.com, a provider of Internet
infrastructure services for newspapers, said it was the first to implement
the Newspaper Association of America’s (NAA) Bona
Fide Classified program.

The program is a new initiative designed to emphasize the quality,
reliability and trustworthiness of online classifieds originating from
newspapers across the country.

Starting in late May, PowerAdz.com began the process of attaching the Bona
Fide Classified logo to tens of thousands of advertisements originating from
more than 170 NAA member affiliates using PowerAdz.com’s AdQuest Classifieds
network. The logo will also be used on the classifieds of NAA members using
Zwire!, PowerAdz’ new Internet solution for newspapers.

“The Bona Fide Classified mark is designed to separate, elevate and
authenticate newspaper ads amidst the clutter of ads on the Internet,” said
Tony Marsella, NAA vice president for classified advertising, “It gives us a
vehicle for transferring the trust and loyalty and preference that consumers
feel for newspaper classified ads to the new media world.”

NAA is a nonprofit organization representing the $54-billion newspaper
industry and more than 1,800 newspapers in the U.S. and Canada.

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