PR Agency Launched to Serve Startups

TechMarcom launched as a new agency
specializing in helping Internet startups.

The agency, headed by veteran publicist Jon Boroshok, was created to serve
the needs of fledgling “dot com” that have not gone public and are unable to
afford the fees of larger marketing agencies.

“The new dot coms are quickly discovering that the larger agencies aren’t
taking on new clients with retainers of less than $12,000 a month,” said
Boroshok. “Visibility is critical to start-ups, most of which are being
severely outspent by more established

TechMarcom said it is part of a new generation of independent agencies that
provide service at affordable contract, project or hourly rates. TechMarcom
provides senior professionals on an as-needed basis.

Services include launch and rollout planning, media and analyst relations,
case studies/customer success stories and white papers, creating collateral and/or
ad copy, company newsletters, organizing and running special events, and
creating Web site content.

Boroshok has worked on accounts including AT&T Multimedia Solutions, PSINet,
Sybase, Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products and The Monster Board. TechMarcom
is currently doing project work for NatWest Bank, and

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