Putting Web Traffic Analysis On The Map

In its early days, the Internet was referred to as the “Information Super Highway.” Right… a highway without a map.

But now, Quova says it wants to use its GeoPoint geo-location technology to change the way we look at Web traffic.

The Redwood City, Calif.-based company Tuesday says it has fit its platform into New York-based Jupiter Media Metrix‘s Web traffic measurement and analysis service — Site Measurement.

GeoPoint is a service that can identify the geographic location of an Internet user down to the zip code, including automatic detection of visitor line speed and connection type. Interestingly, GeoPoint does not use cookies, profiles, registration data, or click-stream data to identify or track individuals.

“Knowing the geographical location of Web site visitors enables businesses to make informed decisions that directly impact the bottom line,” says Jupiter Media Metrix senior vice president Seth Segel. “Quova’s geo-location data coupled with Jupiter’s Site Measurement service raises the bar in providing marketers and researchers with the most accurate and insightful information about their sites’ visitors. We considered various geo-location solutions but found Quova’s GeoPoint service to provide the most accurate and useful data.”

The information even can be sorted to identify, in real-time, the location of Web site visitors in detail ranging from continent, down to country, state, market area (DMA) and metro city. Quova technology also allows Site Measurement clients to identify visitors’ time zones, as well as domain suffixes (i.e., .com, .edu, .org, .gov, etc.)

Quova says it can get a 95 percent confidence result to find out which country the user is in — 90 percent confidence at the state level — and 85 percent confidence at the city level.

Some of that technology comes from Dutch-owned RealMapping, which was acquired by Quova back in April.

Jupiter says part of the selling point to work with Quova was its success with other companies. Quova has a similar GeoPoint deal with credit card giant Visa.

The two-year partnership between Quova and Jupiter is expected to be grand-fathered into the new merged entity of NetRatings , Jupiter and ACNielsen’s eRatings.com, announced in October 2001.

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