Quintel, CyberGold Strike Promotion Agreement

Quintel Communications, a direct marketing firm that operates the group
buying site MultiBuyer and the GroupLotto.com site, on Tuesday struck
a deal with promotions firm CyberGold to place the two companies’
brands in 500 movie theaters.

The deal calls for the two to share promotional advertising space in cinema
lobbies, on movie screens and popcorn bags in well-known theaters including
United Artists, The Mann, Regal and Cinemark. The promotion will take place
in eight cities chosen for having a large percentage of their populations
online — San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Austin,
Dallas and Houston.

In addition, CyberGold and MultiBuyer will create an interactive promotion
for GroupLotto.com.

“Reaching the movie going audience in the marquis, wired U.S. cities is the
perfect demographic,” says Gary Salmirs, senior vice president of MultiBuyer.

“Cybergold enables us to access a large, yet targeted, on line audience at
an affordable cost structure while simultaneously expanding the public’s
awareness of our brand.”

The two companies have worked together before. Back in December, Cybergold
asked Quintel to help it augment its membership base.

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