R.H. Donnelley, DoubleClick Go Local

Yellow pages ad marketer R.H. Donnelley
and DoubleClick Thursday announced
an alliance to target local users in a Cincinnati/northern Kentucky Web
advertising campaign.

DoubleClick Local enables Internet advertisers to target prospects by
geography and category. The ads will target users on sites within their
local network, including branded sites, using DoubleClick’s user
recognition system.

“This is a powerful and cost-effective tool for bringing together local
customers and advertisers on nationally branded Web sites,” said Frank
Noonan, chairman and CEO of R.H. Donnelley. “The union of DoubleClick’s
Internet advertising solutions and and R.H. Donnelley’s sales expertise is
a potent combination.”

“We have had great success with our local product and our reseller
partners,” said Johnathan Heller, general manager of DoubleClick Local.
“R.H. Donnelley is the premier local sales channel in the regions where
they operate and an ideal reseller for us.”

R.H. Donnelley holds exclusive right to sell banner ad placements in
northern Kentucky and greater Cincinnati, where the alliance will be launched.

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