Real Media Signs More Media Companies

Real Media Inc. said that
more than 50 of the world’s largest media companies have recently begun using
its Open AdStream (OAS) ad server software, “making it the most-used ad
server product in the world.”

More than 5,000 Web sites are using OAS to serve more than 3.5 billion online
ads each month from 175 different major advertisers, the company said.

In the United States, new OAS users include sites affiliated with Advance
Publications, Discovery Communications Inc., Newsweek and the Los

A sampling of recent OAS installations in Europe include: Germany: Axel
Springer Verlag publications; Allegra; Bild ; and Die Welt as well as Spiegel;
Heise; Berliner Morgenpost and OMS, a network of more than 15 regional

France: Four of the nation’s six television network’s Web sites; IDG
magazines; Eurosport, an online sports site; Le Monde; Le
and Les
, a leading financial newspaper as well as Web 66, a network of
over 20

The largest Web site in Denmark (Jubii); Italy’s leading business newspaper
(Il Sole); the
largest daily newspaper in the Netherlands (De Telegraaf).

New OAS clients in ASIA include China: a joint venture site between People’s
Daily of China and News Corp.(Chinabyte).

Recent installations in Latin America: InfoSel, a group of newspapers and
other publications in Mexico; Reforma, the largest newspaper in
Mexico City;
El Commercio, the online version of Peru’s largest newspaper; El
; the
online version of Colombia’s largest newspaper and El Universal, the
newspaper in Venezuela.

In October, Real Media announced more than 20 upgrades to OAS including an
exclusive Privacy Proxy that blocks third party ad servers from tracking Web
visitors across multiple sites and building user profiles, while still
allowing them to deliver and track ad deliveries.

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